What To Bring

And What NOT to Bring

I LOVE packing! It's one of the best parts of any trip : )I will say, though, this is one of the strangest trips I've ever had to prepare for... I'm an overpacker by nature, but I know I won't need THAT much. I'm going to try and minimize, and keep track of what I do and don't use.  

 If you already know who your roommate is, I would suggest contacting them and eliminating as many things as possible, such as:
  • printer
  • over the door towel/coat rack
  • tv (both for the living room and the bedroom)
  • DVD player
  • kitchen appliances
  • wireless router
  • shower curtain
  • decorations

Anything that you only need one of per room, I'd say either contact your roomie, don't bring it and plan on buying one cheap from Walmart, or have a plan to have your parents bring it back. There's no need for extra clutter in your apartment or car/suitcase. 

Obviously, this is a girl's packing list. I'm sure a guy's would probably be a lot shorter and probably less complicated, but obviously you could edit from this. Mine isn't all inclusive; it's a record of all the things I'm bringing. I don't wear glasses or have prescription medicine, but I doubt that the people who do use those items would forget them... unless they're taking a prescription for forgetfullness. There's a lot of things that I don't think I would necessarily need to bring... I hate clutter, so having something extra for four months seems like a pain. When I do pack and this list becomes a reality, I will have a more accurate list of the exact clothes I'm bringing, because I know that's always a point of debate for us ladies : ) Also, I didn't include anything like paper towels or cleaning supplies, because I'm not going to haul all that stuff for seven hours when I can just buy it at Walmart down there, and I'm sure someone driving eighteen hours would heartily agree with me. 

Impoitant Peepers
Car insurance information
Storage Stuff
Underbed drawers/boxes
plastic drawers 
storage boxes
Desk Stuff
office supplies (stapler, scissors, etc)
plannercoloring books
scrapbook stuff
color pencils, crayons, markers
Decoration Stuff

bulletin board
pushpins & magnets
white board pens & eraser
picture frames
wall d├ęcor
Dresser Stuff
jewelry box
Bathroom Stuff
overdoor towel racktoothbrush holder
toothbrush, toothpaste, flosstowels (4)
washclothshair dryer/ flat iron/ curling iron
body wash/  shampoo/ conditioner
razor, extra blades
Beautification Stuff

hair spray
hair ties, headbands, etc.
brush & comb
nail polish, nail polish remover
nail clipper
make up remover wipes
make up
Bed Stuff
sheets (twin)
pillowcases (2)
pillows (2)
throw pillow
bed risers
Electronic Stuff
ipod player/ lamp
alarm clock
iPod/ charger
cell phone/ charger
camera/ charger
ethernet cord
wireless router
television set
Kitchen Stuff
measuring cups
Laundry Stuff
laundry basket
mesh wash bag
Miscellaneous Stuff 
first aid kit
suitcases/ purses
cleaning supplies
sewing kit
portable fan
lock (for closet safe)
board games
Apparel Stuff 
15 T-shirts
25 Cute tops
10 Cute tank-tops
3 Cardigans
2 Professional button-up shirts
2 Professional skirts
2 Professional pants
2 Professional blazers
4 Dresses
5 Skirts
5 Shorts
4 Pants
2 Sweatpants
5 Athletic shorts
3 Sweatshirts
3 Light Jackets
1 Anorak (light raincoat)
2 Coats
8 Purses

10 Pairs of shoes

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