Timeline/ Countdown of Days

-106 days
-95 days

-91 days
-88 days

-82 days

-70 days
-59 days
-54 days
-1 days
Day 1
Day 3
Day 18
September 26- Submitted application for the WDW college program and completed web-base interview
October 7- Called Scheduling center to arrange for a phone interview (yeah, I know that's more than 72 hours later, but they were super nice and let me do one anyways!)
October 11- Had my phone interview at 11:15 (actually, more like 11:21)
October 14- Received my invitation to join the Disney College Program in FSFB (yeah, less than three days later... I was SUPER lucky and apparently not everyone hears back so quickly, unfortunately)
October 20- Talked to my academic advisor; accepted my invitation
November 1- Roommate matching enabled
November 12- Signed up with Katie to be roommates and our apartment became official!
November 17- Role disappeared off of the website = I've been assigned a location!
January 9- Drive down to Disney, Pre-Arrival Dinner
January 10- Check in
January 12- Traditions
January 27- Main Entrance Pass arrived! 

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