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During the Spring 2011 Season, I will be participating in the Disney World College Program in the Full Service Food & Beverage role. There are a LOT of fantastic blogs and forums and websites out there but not very many that focus on the FSFB role or the Spring season, and basically I wanted to write this blog in a way that I would want to read. This isn't a tell-all website, but I'll try to document as much of my experience as I can. Follow me along as I intern with the mouse! 

Goals: Things to Do While on the CP

I've gotten many of these from some other blogs (there are so many good ideas out there!), edited, and added my own. Some of these I've done before, but mostly these are things that I just haven't had the opportunity to do as a normal guest staying for, you know, under four months. More to come! Yay adventure!

  • Eat the entire Kitchen Sink... with help!

  • Conquer all four Mountains back to back

  • Complete a triple play - seeing Wishes, Fantasmic!, AND Illuminations in one night

  • Around the World Showcase in 80 minutes

  • Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  • Ride every rides and see every show and all the parades in the world at least once

  • Ride Space Mountain with the lights on

  • Do a backstage tour

  • Use extra spots on my main gate pass to let someone in for free

  • Have the dessert trio (Pineapple soft serve from Adventureland, Mickey Dilly Bar from MK, and Chocolate Banana from AK... family tradition)

  • Pick a pearl in the Japan pavilion of Epcot's World Showcase --> my mom told me when I was 8 that one day she would buy me a pearl. Hasn't happened yet, so I'm taking things into my own hands. 

  • Eat in each of the World Showcase countries

  • Get a new autograph book and fill it up!

  • Ride the monorail

  • Have an ice cream cone on the Boardwalk... and this time I won't leave my wallet behind! 

  • Visit Disney Quest

  • Buy a photo from one of the rides

  • Get a picture with Mickey

  • Save some money to walk away from the program with 

  • Ride something back to back without having to wait in line

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