Hints And Tips

What I've Learned

Tip #1: Talk to your department heads, school, advisors, whomever you need to. You never know just how helpful it could be. Not only did it further convince me that this was going to be an amazing experience, but I ended up getting way more credit towards my major than I would have thought. Additionally, it's possible that you could find out that you won't get any credit for those classes or the internship. It's always better to know. I waited until after I got accepted to talk to my advisor, but I would recommend talking to them sooner. Also, I didn't realize how helpful Disney was going to be on their end- turns out, they have dealt with students for the past 40 years going through the exact same thing as me... so they know what they're doing. Don't be afraid to shoot them an email, either! 

Tip #2: Connect with other CP's before you go down. Alumni have great advice, and people going for the same program as you are potential roommates/friends/park buddies!

Tip #3: Know what you want to get out of your experience. If you want credit, make sure you're taking all the steps to get the credit from your school and that you really take time to focus on your classes. If you want lifelong friends, be open minded and ready for any opportunity. Get a clear idea of why you're going down for the program (besides omgdisney) and really go for it.

Tip #4: Get to check-in early, around 7:30. It will give you an advantage to the rest of the day and get you done earlier so you have plenty of time to move in and enjoy the excitement of the day!

Some Awesome Blogs and Sites!

These guys really helped me out when I was researching the program/ getting pumped about going down to Florida!
  • The College Board Forum at DISBoards.com... you can find pretty much anything you have questions about on here. People are happy to post about their experiences and opinions : )
  • Jessica's list of other blogs is very thorough and has all the different roles!
  • The format of this one is pretty good... it's more like reading through a story than having to navigate a blog
  • John's blog on both Disney and the College Program is funny and helpful!
  • I love love love Kelsen & Natasha's blog. With fun illustrations and plenty of personality, their blog is so much fun to read!
  • I really like Megan's set up. A little easier to navigate and more thorough than you'll generally find
  • Even though Natasha's blog is more about general life than Disney, it's still a fun read!
  • Kaleigh and Jaime both have fun insight about the program and their excitement really shows through their writing
Now if only I could find more blogs on Full Service... oh wait! That's what I'm here for : )

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