Checklist Before You Go

To Do

-Attend e-presentation or campus presentation at the nearest college campus
  • I did both, actually. I went to a campus presentation last year just to check out the program, but the presentation this year wasn't for another month when I wanted to apply, so I watched the e-presentation this go-round. Oh Tara...
-Fill out online application
-Take the web-based interview
-If you've been "identified as a strong candidate," call the WDWCP calling center to schedule your...

Phone Interview
-Don't freak
-Do your research, and know some things you'd like to say ahead of time, like answers to
  • Why do you want to work for Disney?
  • How would you handle [insert stressful work situation]
  • Role-specific questions
-Have a sheet of paper with descriptions of the roles you're applying to handy
-Go to the bathroom 15 minutes before your scheduled time... I know it sounds crazy, but in the two minute window before that call you're gonna be nervous as heck and regret not being as prepared as possible, haha. 
-Have some water ready, just in case your throat gets dry 
-Answer the phone
-Be awesome

-Check your email
  • A lot of people talk about this being the hardest part of the whole process. I happened to be very fortunate and caught them on a good day or right before they sent out a batch of acceptances, because I didn't even have to wait a full three days. However, for most people, this can be over two weeks or as much as a month's wait. 
-Take up a hobby?
-Find glorious purple [email/folder] waiting for you in your mail box!

-Talk to your parents/ significant other/ friends/ dog/ teddy bear 
-Talk to your advisor about receiving credit for either the program as an internship or the educational classes
  • and then contact Disney as soon as possible to confirm any paperwork your school requires
-Contact financial aid 
-Contact your school about credit and/or your status as a full time student
-Accept/ Decline Role
-Throw a dance party
-Pay program fee-Figure out life insurance for while you'll be on the program
-Decide how you're getting down there: I'm driving, but luckily for me it's only a 7 hour drive : )
  • Also decide if you'll be keeping a car 
  • And make sure you're listed on the insurance so you can get a permit

-Either opt into or out of roommate matching
  • If doing random matching: email future roommate and get to know each other
  • If not doing random matching: look through discussion boards and facebook groups to figure out what you want in a roommate
-Decide if you want to figure out your apartment-mates before or get randomly assigned
  • If being randomly matched: do nothing, just go to check in!
  • If not being randomly matched, go look at discussion boards and facebook groups and look for people you think you would like to room with


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