Friday, September 16, 2011

The Magic, the Memories, and Me!

I want to try and sum up my experience in the Disney College Program. Kind of a weighty task, huh? Taking a page from Rent, how do I measure it? In how many times I saw wishes? In how many inside jokes Natasha and I came up with? In how many creme brulees I consumed from Epcot's France? Haha well I'm just going to leave this as a way to post some of my favorite times, my favorite jokes, and my favorite memories.

*Traditions * That first time as a cast member * Have a buh buh * Itsakadoo...Z! * Watching wishes for the first time with my new friends * Manderella, Manderlla * Obviousleeeee * Pamela: I hate her * Tale as old as time * Casle Sweets! * Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from Roz! * David and David *Creme Bruleesa (mmmmm) * Bil! * We're pirates! * Why are you two inches tall? Why are you 12 miles tall?! * The time Natasha and I worked Golden Horseshoe and had Prince Naveen jump up on a bench beside me * Pooh bear is eating TJ's head...because it tastes like honey * Shoes on ma feet! Shoes on ma feet! * That kid who owned the magic carpets of Aladdin * The time we demolished the kitchen sink * The time we got serious judgment for eating a beach pail at Typhoon Lagoon * The time Natasha got picked for the Indiana Jones show * The time I got picked for Backlot Tour * Seeing Fantasmic for the first time in ten years * Seeing Wishes for the last time and bawling my eyes out * "Gosh, Minnie. You've always been a princess to me!" * Having the manager pull me from working at 'Ohana to go watch Wishes down on the beach * Finally getting my jungle cruise vinyl! * Deciding to trade it away on my birthday... and getting the castle vinyl! * I'm a dancer * Having the best birthday you could possibly imagine *Going to Wild Wings with Katie & Natasha... and going to McDonalds afterwards (or should I say after words) * Eating at Taco Bell... A LOT * Hearing the entire audience of Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue chant "Ky-le, Ky-le, Ky-le" as the performers egged him on to propose * Finally getting a picture with Mickey * Looking like a coffee bean * Giving away free coffee to Mommies on Mother's Day * Getting picked for Monsters Inc Laugh Floor... A LOT * Roomie breakfast at Crystal Palace * "I want a soft cold pancake on my arms: * Are the dodgers from Brooklyn? * Hi Sam. * Dan the Man * Trying on costumes... and wearing them to class * Steak & Shake! * That  time Frozone and I had a moment backstage * Getting a (henna) tattoo on April Fool's Day * NOT going to Epcot on that day it rained... then having an epic nap on the couch * Lots of epic naps * Did I...fall asleep? * The time the picture on Spaceship Earth future was me for both people! * Seeing Topiary Woody have eyes again * Tomorrowland Dance Party * Seeing some random girl try to grind on Chip * Seeing Dale dance to Ke$ha songs * Putting on pretty clothes for a Magic Kingdom photo shoot * Visiting Melbourne to see my Mommy & Aunt Patti * Eating at Restaurant Marrakesh * Having the cast members in Cosmic Rays sing me happy birthday * Getting free water bottles from Pinocchio's Village Haus * Dancing in MISICI for my birthday * Dancing in MISICI just because * Everybody scream... "AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH"  *Getting awesome Jungle Cruise Skippers: Zac, Clay, & Nathan * Planning out the SBS complex * Never.Wanting.To.Leave. *

Yeah... I think that about did it.
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going Seasonal

Towards the conclusion of my program, I was able to apply to go seasonal, or in Disney terms, CT (Casual Temporary). I did this by informing my manager that I was interested, and he then relayed the message to his supervisor. They reviewed my performance and noted any incidences, (i.e. being late to work, calling in sick). In late April, I was approved as a seasonal cast member (eeeeeeeeeeeee!).

Now a few weeks ago, I received a letter saying that they were changing the requirements for CT cast members.  Many locations had different requirements of how often you needed to work and how many hours per year, but now they are standardizing it to 150 hours per year. Yikes! That's a lot of Disney time! Now I graduate school in December and have no further plans, so I can manage. But for people who live in, say, California, 150 hours is a big commitment. I think they're probably changing the rules because there are people who sign up, use the benefits, and never show up again. I can't really say anything against that behavior, because I haven't worked a single hour since my program (not for lack of want).

Additionally, I have to submit my availability for the next year by September 30. I'm hoping to go down in December post graduation and get all my hours done, but who knows how that will work out? Updates to follow! Who else out there is seasonal? What are you guys doing?

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