Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PDD (Post Disney Depression)

People don't realize how much this experience is going to impact your life. I certainly didn't. Of course there's that amazing sense of possibility and excitement and anxiety before you leave, like you're about to embark on this incredible journey, but you really just don't have any clue what you're in for. Some of the best months of your life. Some of the greatest people you'll ever meet. A chance to do something you never thought possible.

Being away from family and friends is hard, but you know you're going back to them after a few short months. Being away from Disney is awful, because it really is a once in a lifetime experience. Even if you extend. Even if you do a second, or a third, or a sixth program (hey... it happens. There are some people who spend more time at Disney than at college). You're never going to have that same experience with those same people who changed your life in a time where you felt like anything was possible, and it was.

I can't just decide to go watch wishes tonight. I can't hop on the monorail after work for some late-night Laugh Floor. I can't go grab pizza in Italy then creme brulee in France. There will be times when I go back, and things will be amazing again, and I know that Disney is forever changed for me in a way that most people can't understand, but for the time being, I'll just have to live off the memories.

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