Monday, November 22, 2010

50 Days! Well... Kind Of

So I've been doing a countdown of every ten days since 70, but yesterday was officially 50 and I was not around to post... whoops! I was actually in another state without a computer, so my countdown will just have to be for day 49. Whoa, 49?! How did I get to so low a number? I know a lot of people have been waiting for a loooooong time since their acceptance, but I received my acceptance with only 88 days until January 10 and didn't accept until day 82. It's still a fantastic feeling to be under 50 though : )

I finally did get an email from recruiting about my work location requests, which I was afraid they hadn't received before assigning me a location on Wednesday. So hopefully one of those 9 places I sent in will be my new temporary home next semester!
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Role Disappearance

Today, my role on the Disney College Program Website disappeared. I actually probably wouldn't have noticed, except when I went to look at the Facebook Spring 2011 discussion board, there was a big discussion about "role disappearance" and I'm generally curious about any discussion that isn't "roommates arrival date blah blah blah" or "CP San Diego Meet Up" or something similar that doesn't really appy to me.
So when I clicked on the discussion, there were a ton of people messaging about how their role had disappeared off the website. A lot of people were freaking out, thinking it was a glitch or something, but then a few of the current people on the program noted that this probably meant that those people have been assigned work locations!
When I logged on to the site, lo and behold, my role was gone and I officially have a place to work... I just won't find out where it is for another 54 days! Oh the agony. And no, I will NOT have a current CP look it up for me. That's cheating and could get them in trouble. I'll just have to be patient.
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Location Request

During the first week of check in and meetings and paperwork, you find out your work location. Although you don't get to pick where you work, you can send in a request prior to your arrival as to where you'd like to work. Obviously, the broader you go with your selection, the better chance you have of getting something on your list. 
One of the things Disney does best is their dining. The food is usually pretty good (or better) and the theming is always spectacular. This is especially true in the full service restaurants, which is one of the reasons I am so excited about my role. I sent in my request this week for locations I would like to work at. I included 9, which I think is a big enough category to ensure I'll get something I like, but exclusive enough that I could be choosy.
My list was compiled based on things like location, how cute the costumes are, what times the restaurant is open, and atmosphere. The numbers after the name of the restaurant is a rating from diners. My top three were Ohana, Whispering Canyon Cafe, and Cinderella's Royal Table. He
In the Parks
Coral Reef Restaurant  (79)
Cinderella's Royal Table (83)
Liberty Tree Tavern  (88)
Tusker House Restaurant (90)
Disney's Contemporary Resort
California Grill (90)
Chef Mickey's (84)
Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
1900 Park Fare (88)
Disney's Polynesian Resort
Ohana (88)
Disney's Wilderness Lodge
Whispering Canyon Cafe (84)

Additionally, here are some categories that I decided would be good qualifiers for a location
Great Views
Coral Reef Restaurant  (79)
California Grill (90)
Great Location
Whispering Canyon Cafe(84)
Cinderella's Royal Table (83)
Great Ratings
California Grill (90)
Tusker House Restaurant (90)
Ohana (88)
1900 Park Fare (88)
Liberty Tree Tavern  (88)
Character Hotspot
1900 Park Fare (88)
Cinderella's Royal Table (83)
Chef Mickey's (84)
Tusker House Restaurant (90)
Great Atmosphere
Whispering Canyon Cafe(84)
Ohana (88)
Coral Reef Restaurant  (79)
Potentially Pretty Cute(ish) Costumes
Cinderella's Royal Table (83)
Whispering Canyon Cafe(84)
Liberty Tree Tavern  (88)
Friday, November 12, 2010

The Awesome Apartment

I officially have a roommate! Actually, I have three : )
Last week, Natasha contacted me because we're both FSFB and arriving on the 10th. We got to talking and she told me about how she had her roommate and an apartment mate, but that they were looking for a fourth. After that, Kristina and Katie (my roommate!) both contacted me and we all got to talking. I absolutely love these girls and feel so incredibly lucky to have met them. They are all amazing and I cannot wait to hang out with them next semester. Last night, Kristina and I skyped until nearly 2 in the morning, just talking about life and Disney and whatnot. If the past week has been any indication of how our apartment life will go, it's gonna be a crazy awesome apartment! 

Brief info:
Katie (my roommate) is going to be a Lifeguard, which I expect will be pretty chilly at first, but sooooo nice towards the end of the program when she gets to be out in the sun all day. : ) She's from West Virgina, and will be driving down (like me!), so we'll both have our cars.

Kristina is going to be doing attractions (hopefully Great Movie Ride! I've got my fingers crossed for you!) and is from Michigan.

Natasha is going to be doing Full Service Food & Bev (role twins) and is from Southern California. She recently got engaged! Congratulations, Natasha!! 

I am so excited to get down there and get to know everyone better! 
Thursday, November 11, 2010

60 Days!

There are less than two months left until I will be in Disney World, signing in at Vista Way. Whoo!!

Also, Disney is coming out with a new Winnie the Pooh movie, appropriately titled "Winnie the Pooh." And best yet, I think it's going to have more of a spotlight on Eeyore than the past movies have. For those of you who don't know, 
I love Eeyore!
I was give a tiny Eeyore stuffed animal when I was really before I can remember young. One of my first memories is bringing my Eeyore into show and tell in preschool to show all my friends how awesome Eeyore was. And, as shown above, every time I go to Disney World, Eeyore comes with me. You should have seen big Eeyore's reaction when he saw small Eeyore. It was hi-larious. Well, maybe you had to be there. P.S. Bonus points for anyone who can identify where the picture was taken. No cheatin!
Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Maybe it's just my lack of ability to find what I'm looking for, but I feel like almost all of the blogs you'll read out there about the College Program are from people who participated in the Fall. That's all fine and dandy, and I know that the program aren't really be all that different, however, there are some things that set the programs apart. Something I'd like to really document on this site is what makes Spring different from Fall, or basically what makes it AWESOME. : ) This doesn't even begin to go into advantage programs, and obviously depending on your program dates, what you experience while you are there might change. 

Quick Comparison:
-Busiest time of program: Beginning (August- some people not in school yet, tail end of summer) and End (Winter Holidays)
     Fall people are both lucky and unlucky in this sense. They have to start out in a very busy time of the year in one of Florida's hottest months, but things slow down once school starts up. Then, when schools let out for the Winter holidays, the parks explode again, which is good because CPer's get to go out with a bang.
-Highlight events: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Night of Joy, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Holidays Around the World, Festivals of the Masters
    This is where Fall way has the advantage over Spring. Since the Fall months are kind of the calm after the storm in terms of crowds, Disney has to ensure that attendance remains high (although it's kind of difficult to imagine Disney having trouble attracting guests). This is cool for people who really like events and celebrating holidays all month long (there is NOTHING wrong with listening to Christmas music in November!!), but a lot of CPer's complain about how they become jaded to the holiday spirit from celebrating for two months every day. 
-Weather: August-October: hot, humid, muggy; October-December: warm or cool, pleasant
     Overall, fairly nice weather (if you like hot weather like I do). Some people might run into problems with not knowing what kind of clothing to expect for the end of their program and will either over or underpack. 
-Major Holidays during program: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
     Since these are more family oriented holidays, it might be difficult for some people to be away from home, but this also causes you to get closer to your Disney family!
-Busiest time of program: Middle-End (starting with spring breaks and touching on the start of school releases for the summer)     Once again, the crowds at Disney are dictated by school schedules. When people are out for Spring Break, there are huge crowds, and some CPer's at the tail end of the Spring season will catch students out for the summer. Nice to start slow as you're learning the ropes and gain speed once you know what you're doing. 
-Highlight events: Walt Disney World Marathon, Disney Princess Half Marathon, Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, Star Wars Weekends (some people)
     So as you can see, the Spring certainly isn't bereft of events (and come on, it's not like it's difficult to find something to do at Disney World), but it doesn't have the spirit of celebration that the fall does. There might be some more events that I've missed, but I think these are really the only big ones. 
-Weather: December-March: warm or cool, pleasant; March-May: hot     In terms of weather, I really feel like the Spring program has a foot up on the fall. I love warm weather (I'm originally from Florida), and so going from cool to warm to hot is a good change in my mind. Plus, (non advantage) Spring CPer's don't have to deal with the brutal weather that the Florida summer can provoke. 
-Major Holidays during program: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's  Day, Easter, My birthday    So as with the Fall program, there are three major holidays during the Spring, but, in my opinion at least, they're ones that I'd be okay with for not being with my family. They're just not ones that will pull at your heartstrings and make you homesick. Valentine's Day might make you miss your boo at home, but seriously, does anyone use Valentine's Day as anything other than an excuse to eat candy nowadays? I've never really been a fan, even when I am dating someone. 

So that's what I have so far.  Both seasons have their advantages, and I'll just have to find out firsthand what it is that makes Spring stellar! : )


So from what I've read on other people's blogs, after the initial excitement of receiving that infamous purple folder, the excitement is supposed to die down... like people stop thinking about Disney, go back to their normal lives, and just wait out the rest of the time before they head down. Well here I am, 26 days after finding out I was accepted, and I still spend most of my time thinking about Disney, looking up other peoples' blogs, and scouring the discussion boards. It's a major weakness of mine : ) Ah, well, what can you do? 
Also, as an update on the roommate situation, Lindsay and I did decide to split, figuring that it was for the best. So as of right now, I'm riding solo and having fun perusing the roommate boards.
Also, 62 days! : )

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Quick Overview of Housing:
Apartment Complexes: 3
-Vista (oldest, cheapest, "party complex")
-Chatham (newer, nicer, "middle ground")
-Patterson (newest, nicest, "quiet complex")
Types of Apartments (grouped by age): 2
-Wellness (under 21, dry apartments)
-Non-Wellness (21+, alcohol allowed)
Roommate Matching Options: 2
-Random matching (based on age, gender and arrival date)
-Find your own (harder and easier than it sounds... explain why in a minute)

Initially when Disney announced that roommate matching was enabled, I was thrilled. I did random matching for my roommate my freshman year in college and it worked out great. Well, it worked out positively. We weren't best friends... actually I wouldn't even really call us friends. We got along, but  I haven't really talked to her since. If we run into each other, we smile and speak briefly and that's it. Initially, I thought that this would be a fine option for Disney. I mean, come on, we'll be working and probably won't even have the same schedule and I'm sure I'd get along with whomever I'm rooming with. Those were my initial opinions. 

Then I started reading through some of the "personal ads" for roommate and apartment-mates... and all of a sudden I wanted what all these girls had or were finding. I've read about people making some of their best friends on the CP. Lifelong friends. And I'm not saying that I wouldn't have gotten along with my first matched roommate. I'm not saying that it wouldn't have been a pleasant experience. But I am saying that I don't think we would have been best friends. 

I'm in it for the AWESOME. So I think Lindsay and I are going to split. She's a great girl, and she's going to have a great time on the program as someone else's roommate. Okay, this is starting to sound like we were in a relationship, so I'm going to move on to my next subject which is...

Finding Your Roommate On Your Own:
There are so many options for finding roommates (thanks, Worldwide Web!). There are discussion boards, facebook groups, you name it. I have perused through my program season's facebook group and there are people out the wazoo posting about themselves: their likes and dislikes and cleaning habits and whatnot. It really is like eharmony for roommates, lol. This is great and bad because you can find someone you sync up with SO well, but maybe someone else found them first, or maybe you find 20 people you sync up with well, or maybe you find someone but they say no, or maybe someone finds you and you have to say no. Oh it's horrible. And wonderful. And somewhere out there is my new roomie, and I can't wait to meet her! Just as a warning, new roommate, I like to decorate. I know Disney limits what we can and can't do, but I'm going to make our room look incredible. Also, I think I talk in my sleep. But that's it!  

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